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The Science Cloud idea is becoming a reality – with Helix Nebula, a joint European project between the scientific and economic communities.

Helix Nebula

The Science Cloud idea is becoming a reality – with Helix Nebula.

Research, science & education
Powerful ICT for research tasks

From medicine, to climate change, to physics: scientific research is impossible without the support of powerful ICT.
To fulfill its mission, the scientific community requires extremely powerful hardware and high-bandwidth networks. T-Systems provides research institutes with end-to-end ICT answers to their needs – from high-performance networks and powerful servers, to scientific data management, to campus IT solutions, to out-tasking/rightsourcing.
To find the answers to complex questions, you need sophisticated simulations – and vast processing power. Yet scientific organizations experience the same cost pressures as the private sector. That’s why cost-efficient ICT infrastructures are so important. T-Systems delivers comprehensive ICT solutions that allow scientists to concentrate on their vital tasks, and research organizations to focus on maintaining and strengthening their competitive edge.

Grid computing, outsourcing solutions and desktop systems for research work

T-Systems meets all of the German Aerospace Center’s (DLR) key ICT requirements, delivering services to DLR’s ten facilities across Germany. This includes consulting, and implementation, operation, maintenance and enhancement of servers, ICT infrastructures and application systems. What’s more, the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary delivers solutions for telephony, standardized and highly specialized desktop systems for researchers, supercomputers and grid computing.
T-Systems also serves Germany's national weather service, Deutscher Wetterdienst, Stuttgart University, the Association for Nuclear Power Plant and Reactor Safety (GRS), the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the German National Research and Education Network (DFN). T-Systems’ portfolio for this very special sector includes provisioning and operation of IT infrastructures, ERP applications such as SAP, networks (LAN, WAN), telecommunications equipment, desktop and laboratory PCs, and all aspects of IT security.

Private HPC Cloud

T-Systems Solutions for Research GmbH (T-Systems SfR) is one of the major shareholders of the HWW GmbH (Höchstleistungsrechner für Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft GmbH), a Public-Private-Partnership for the dynamic provisioning of HPC. In this context T-Systems Solutions for Research GmbH is able to offer HPC ressources, which significantly exceed the Petaflop range.
In order to provide access to scalable, fast and yet highly secure HPC ressources, T-Systems Solutions for Research GmbH offers an onboarding infrastructure which is dedicated per customer. This infrastructure features dedicated Filesystems, dedicated Pre- and Postprocessing nodes, dedicated License Servers and/or Remote Visualisation.
The Private HPC Cloud offering of T-Systems Solutions for Research GmbH allows for a very high degree of security and flexibility at minimal costs.

How do T-Systems solutions support Research, science & education?

High-performance computing:

To carry out complex simulations for business research, and in the natural and applied sciences, you need powerful computers. High-performance computing (HPC), available from T-Systems, provides the solution – for example, allowing meteorologists to make extremely precise forecasts, and enabling researchers to rapidly verify mathematical models. That’s why HPC is essential for applied education and research. Operating multiple computers simultaneously is one way to increase performance. Tasks are divided and processed by various servers working in unison to solve the problem.

Unified communications

Siloed systems and poor communications can disrupt processes and hamper the work of researchers. But even when project members are not all at the same site, teams can work together efficiently – via virtual channels. Unified communications (UC) solutions combine multiple channels within a single user interface – voice, fax, email, video, instant messaging, and more. The UC offering includes web collaboration, document sharing, presence information and web conferencing, and is available for practically any device.


Researchers and scientists should be concentrating on their core tasks, not on telephone, computer and network issues, or maintenance and management of systems for administrative processes. Yet a high-performance ICT environment and cutting-edge infrastructures are essential – for both research and day-to-day administrative tasks. That’s where T-Systems steps in – with reliable, secure and flexible out-tasking/rightsourcing solutions. Long-term contracts with clearly defined service levels ensure visibility into ICT services and costs, enable reliable budgeting and guarantee high levels of support.

Services for research – an overview

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